Reading the Bible with the Damned

I am in Burlington at Tierra Nueva. I took this class this semester to be reconnected with ministry to people at the margins. Maybe not exactly reconnect, as it is a class and not actual relationship. Still Bob Ekblad has people hanging around and it has been good for my soul.

Regent has been a great place to reflect and think theologically about some of my experience. But there is a disconnect. I feel it acutely. This past week RCSA sponsored a forum on whether or not the Academy should be involved in the life of the poor.  It is great that the discussion was being had, but the fact that it was had in the manner it was, was evidence that the poor are not with us. Infact, they were referred to only as “the poor.”I learned that this language distances me. I now speak of George, Linda, Trinity, T.. I name names. I see faces. But not lately.

For me hanging out in Burlington reminds me that my education is on to something. I want what Regent has to offer, but I do not want it at the expense of ordinary readers.


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