Absolute meh.

I chose this book on Booksneeze.com to review because: a) I like the topic and b) it had received a couple of bad reviews by people who thought it was too academic for them. I figured I would try my hand at reviewing it, and give the book a fair shake.

I didn’t like it much either. But I really tried.

I commend the author for writing a book on love where he attempts to engage a wide range of worldviews, and present a compelling vision of who Jesus is. Willroth engages Christians, Jews and Muslims, and welcomes agnostics and atheists to the table to consider his theme. As such he makes use of Christian and Jewish scripture, the Koran, as well as scientific and psychological knowledge. I think this does give this book worth for attempting dialogue, joint inquiry in apologetics a mission.

Jesus is love absolute and the way we meet him is by humbling ourselves. Willroth runs through many great theological truths from the creation account in Genesis, to the consummation in revelation. While I may quibble with him in places, in the main, he is accurate in his depiction of Jesus

However, Willroth’s prose lacks a certain winsomeness. To make his case he sometimes resorts to a barrage of quotations, some of them quite lengthy, A number of the chapters end with greek and hebrew words listed with long lists of Bible verses for those wanting to conduct their own word studies. At some points I felt like I was reading raw research for a book; other points I felt I was reading a text that had not been adequately edited. Perhaps this is the pitfall of the self-published. It is hard to read.

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4 thoughts on “Absolute meh.”

  1. Elliot,

    Thanks for dropping by! I think I probably have more presence on Goodreads than here. I haven’t blogged regularly for about 5 years. This blog represents a series of false starts, though I am now using it to post book reviews, so it may be more active. My bookreviews, I cross-post to Goodreads. I have other ideas for this blog, but we will have to see what materializes.


  2. I don’t know anything about this book, though after reading your review I must say I am not interested in it.

    I just wanted to say that I’ve just discovered your blog, and look forward to seeing what I have missed that has not shown up on Goodreads.

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