Job Interview Friday

For those who read my blog and pray, I have a job interview at Logos Bible Software on Friday. I am applying for the Hebrew Lexicon Curator position. This would involve me reading closely reading the Hebrew Bible and making judgments to the appropriate sense in passages and grouping them and describing them accordingly. I am not sure who else is applying or if I am the best qualified for this type of position, but I am excited at the prospect. It would be a way to put my Hebrew into practice and get paid to read the Bible closely. In the end, I think a job like this would prepare me well for ministry when I do find myself in the pastorate somewhere. So pray for the mutual discernment of Logos and I. This is just a first interview, and for some reason they want to do a skype interview. I may not make it past this round, but am eager to know if this is where God is leading right now.

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