Blogging my way back into the hearts and minds of my adoring fans.

Back in the blogging universe after a hiatus. I was at a denominational conference and taking a couple of classes which were really good for my personal and spiritual development. But now I am happy to get back to the blogging universe to give you, my adoring fans, my thoughts about books, God, and whatever else. In the next couple weeks, I will review a book on intelligent design, a devotional commentary on the book of Matthew, a book on Evangelism, and several other interesting books coming down the pike. I also will finish my “Traveling the Text” series and give you a quick post on Philip Jacob Spener (every one’s favorite Pietist). Upcoming in my life, I get to preach a couple of times(on the 19th), which might slow down my blog output but I can at least send you all the link.

Buckle up buttercup, It’s going to be a wild ride.


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I am a pastor, husband, father, instigator, pray-er, hoper, writer, trouble-maker, peacemaker, and friend. Who are you?

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