A Prayer from Stanely Hauerwas

The following prayer is excerpted from Disrupting Time: Sermons, Prayers and Sundries Hauerwas has a way at getting behind the pretensions of modern culture and exposing the lies we tell ourselves. This is not a Lenten prayer but a confession and therefore appropriate for all who are particpating in this season of repentance.

Devious, dear God, are we devious. We believe we can hide from you. We even believe we can hide from ourselves. “I’m not really who you think I am” is a play we play on a daily basis. For better or for worse, and usually it is for the worse, we even end up becoming what we pretend to be. As a result, we begin to hate ourselves, our neighbors, and You. In particular, we hate because you refuse to believe we are who we pretend to be. Help us learn to trust your perfect love. Help us accept the joy that comes from the honesty your love makes possible. Forgiven, by God, you have forgiven the pretense that nailed your Son to the cross. Forgiven, you have given us a way to go on in a lie-shaped world. As your forgiven people, make us your salvation, that the world may see how wonderful it is to be more or less than we are, that is, your creatures.

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