What next? And Why the reviews?

So post Lent I’m looking for something to blog a series on. I really enjoyed doing the 7 deadly sins/ 7 last words series and would like something like that. Any ideas are welcome. My only regular plan right now are book reviews and some sort of prayer post on Sundays.

As always, I have more book reviews coming. This is because I get books from publishers as an excuse to blog and I get to support my reading habit (I am an addict without sufficient income). I have really appreciated how some of these books have stretched my perspective and hope that I have read them graciously.

In these reviews, you have me at my most generous. I try to affirm what I can about the authors project and execution. Many of the authors I review bring different theological assumptions to the table than I have (they are more charismatic, more reformed, more dispensational, etc.) I have no problem disagreeing, but I try to do this in away that is constructive. So you got my honest take, but with a happy face. I try to be ‘sympathic-critical’ in each of these reviews and take what I can. If you want me non-hedged criticism of a bad book, just ask and I will be happy to share honest thoughts without the happy face. 🙂

I am pretty excited about some of the books I got coming up (others are okay).: A book on B.B. Warfield, a book on the antonement, a couple of memoirs, a book on hospitality, a commentary and another book on prayer. So stay tuned.

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3 thoughts on “What next? And Why the reviews?”

  1. You should do something like “Seven utterly heretical yet amazingly common Christian utterances.” (Keeping with the theme of seven…) So I’m thinking, “God has put it on my heart”, “God helps those who help themselves,” “I have a personal relationship with Jesus,” etc. I’m thinking about Ellul’s old book “A Critique of the New Commonplaces” in which he deconstructs (in the best sense of the word) a commonplace phrase so as to expose its mistakes. Then offer some kind of “better” phrase…

    1. That is brilliant. I wish there was such a series on your dormant Questionable Answers blog (still on my sidebar despite its sleepy state).

      I certainly like the idea and have done occasional posts about how Christians talk about things. Perhaps I should think about something along these lines. Thanks!

      1. Ha, my “dormant” blog is practically dead. No need to waste any electronic ink over there…

        I’d like to see you do this, or perhaps we could get a few other peeps and make it a team effort? I need to finish a few papers and figure out my summer schedule before I commit to anything, though. Let’s talk…

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