Prayer for Easter: Week 5 (Luke 4:16-30)

Last week I was in the airport when I posted my prayer for week 4. I had low internet connectivity and completely lost the post. But trust me, it was amazing.

Physician who would not heal yourself,
you came proclaiming good news to the poor,
freedom, healing and sight.
You proclaimed that those who were oppressed
would be free.

By your life,
by your death,
by your resurrection,
it was so.

Thank you for proclaiming
your Jubilee
and never withdrawing the claim
but bringing us into the inner life of God.

Your priorities
are not our priorities.
Were we would bring salvation,
it would be to our own house
and to people like us,

But Your Father sent Elijah
to a foreign widow
and through Elisha, healed
an enemy of His people.

Let us too,
in the strength of the resurrection
be bold in love
for those on the margins,
those we exclude,
those we fear,
those we hate.
Let us as followers of the Great Physician,
also be ready to lay our lives down,
and live with out honor in our hometown.


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