Prayer for the second sunday after Pentecost: Growing in Ordinary Time

Each weekend I try to pray through the Christian seasons. Last week was the first week of Ordinary Time but it was also Trinity Sunday, which makes t this is the first ‘ordinary’ sunday of Ordinary Time. This is a season to grow in your normal Christian life. But of course this season of ordinary time comes after the celebration of the life altering events in the life of Jesus. The Christian life is a post-Christmas, post-Epiphany, post-Lent, post-Holy Week, Post-resurrection, Post Ascension, Post-Pentecost reality. All that Jesus taught and did and continues to do is the ‘new normal.’ Jesus changed everything. 

Creator and Sustainer

whose love and power are boundless,

Redeemer and Resurrected One

whose self-giving love and sacrifice are my hope and song,

Helper and Breath of Life

who brings life, empowers, inspires!


Thank you for the story of Your redemption,

that because of all you have



will do,

I am alive, together with your saints

passionately pursuing your Kingdom.


Thank you for the gift of salvation,

and that by your Spirit you have given us

Communion with all the saints.

Continue to help us grow together in unity and

chase mature faith,

growing up in all You have prepared for us.


Teach me Lord to call on You,

to trust,

to hope,

to believe.

Teach me Lord to walk with you daily,

trusting in all you have done

are doing,

will do.

May Your extraordinary love and goodness

shape our all too ordinary life ,

And may Your incarnation, your Spirit’s presence

and your continued intercession be

ever and always

our new normal.


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