Good things ahead

I enjoyed a relaxing day out with my family today. The kids had some fun in the sun at a park in town. It is one of those days where you feel like summer is here to stay but then remind yourself that you are in the pacific northwest and tomorrow the temperature will be 10 degrees cooler and the ground will be a lot wetter. Such is life.

Anyway my week ahead promises to be  interesting. I have a paper (or project) for a class due next Monday and I have to put the finishing touches on it. That is, after I put my beginning touches and all that mind numbing middle work. That is probably where most of my energy and creativity should go this week. On the other hand, I got a mother load of books and resources  today which seem particularly blog worth. Which means you probably will get my regular drivel delivered to your reader or inbox and I will still flame facebook with my overly opinionated rants and raves. So I apologize ahead of time, but if you see a couple of days of blog silence it is because I need to get some work done.

Speaking of work, it is possible that I have a job (part time and low pay, but close to home) which should take some of the financial pressure off of us and still allow me to pitch in with the kids. Hope everything falls into place because as much as I love my kids, I would like to be away from them for 8-10 hours at a time and get paid for it.  Pray that this works out.

Another interesting thing is that that starting this week I am participating in a Willow Creek LIFT Project course on Shaping Culture.  I was one of the bloggers selected to participate in this course (free for me and great for you) and I think it will be a great way to stretch and grow in my own leadership. I think this will be a fun way for me to process leadership and grow in my capicity to lead well.  I attended a Willow Creek leadership summit way back when and felt a little out of place in terms of theology and ministry philosophy (I generally am a ‘small church’ guy). But despite my biases I am excited to learn, grow and see what comes from this. Should be a wild ride.

Also my wife is amazing.  Just saying. Really incredible woman!


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