A Prayer for Ordinary Time (week 7 after Pentecost)

Apologies for a double blog post today. I was slow in posting my last review which should have been posted yesterday, but I couldn’t skip my weekly prayer post. Generally I try to limit myself to one post a day. For this prayer, I am reflecting on the the Lectionary text from Ephesians (Ephesians 1:1-14) which has one of the most glorious run on sentences in all of scripture. This passage is pure praise for all that God in Christ has given us. This is my own reflection on the passage and does not do full justice to the richness found there.

God our Father and Father of Christ!
You have blessed us with every Spiritual Blessing in the Heavenly realms:

You chose us before you fashioned the earth,
You adopted us as your children,
According to your good pleasure You lavish us with love,
We are redeemed through the sacrifice of Your son
and now know what it is like to be fully forgiven!
You reveal your will–your plan to gather up all things.
In Christ, we share in your plan, You’ve given us purpose and destiny,
and we share in the work of seeing your will accomplished.
We who have heard the word of truth–your Gospel of salvation–
have been sealed by the Spirit as a seal of our inheritance!

This is our everyday, ordinary reality: blessed, planned, chosen, adopted, loved, redeemed, saved, forgiven, enlightened, destined, sealed.
Let the truth of your Word–the gospel of salvation–bleed into all we see and do and touch. May we grasp fully the good things You have stored up for us in Christ. Thank you that You are more glorious, generous, loving and kind than we can imagine and may we continually grow in the grace You have bestowed on us in Christ. Amen.

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