Prayer in Ordinary Time (week 7 after Pentecost)

I mistakenly named last week’s prayer as week seven after Pentecost, but no matter (prayer is prayer). This prayer is  my reflection (paraphrase and amplification) on Psalm 24 which gives us three ‘who’ questions (the first two occur in  parallelism and the last question is a repeated refrain).

  1. Who shall ascend the hill of the Lord?
  2. Who shall stand in His Holy Place?
  3. Who is the King of Glory?
  4. Who is the King of Glory?
The Psalm itself bears evidence of its use in corporate worship (the Q and A seems to be a call and response). I also have changed the Psalm from speaking about God (in the third person) to speaking to God. This is not a straight paraphrase but a way of using this psalm as prayer.

The earth is yours–all there is and all who live here!

           Maker of rivers and seas.

Who shall ascend your holy hill and stand in the holy place where you dwell?

          Those of us who are blameless—

                                            with clean hands

                                                    who do not worship idols

                                                                  who do not tell lies.


           As we walk in your ways you will bless us and justify us

                  for You are the God of our Salvation.

                     May we like Jacob be numbered among those who

                            wrestle through the night and seek your face.


Let us lift up our heads and open the way for our King of Glory to enter in fullness!

       Who are You, King of Glory?

           You are the strong and mighty Lord, mighty in battle!


Let us lift up my head and open the doors for our King of Glory to enter in fullness!

      Who are You,  King of Glory?

           The Lord of the angel armies–You are our King of Glory!

  Lord who fashioned this world, all its topography and we who dwell here

We commit ourselves to you, trusting in your power and strength and your goodness.

Let us walk in your ways–in purity, in right worship, in truth.

Teach us to seek you and to look for the ways your kingdom is breaking in in our lives and in our world.

Thank you that you are entering in and providing us with blessing and salvation.

Thank you that You are entering in with Glory and strength defeating the powers which have laid claim on our lives.

Open our eyes and our gates that we may see more of your powerful goodness in our lives.



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