A Prayer of Thanksgiving and blessing for For My Wife on her Birthday

My weekly prayer post coincides with my wife’s birthday.

I spent the morning at work and in a haze of sermon prep for this evening at our church, so I didn’t give her the attention that is her due, but here is my prayer of thanksgiving for her life and the ways that she is a blessing to me and our family.

God thank you so much for Sarah,

for the ways in which she challenges and supports me as I pursue you,

for the way she attends to and cares for our children and 

for the way she has a heart for those who are vulnerable, excluded and marginalized.

Thank you that she is such a good wife and mother. 

Thank you for her dedication to You.


I am so grateful that you gave her to me as a partner and friend–

               someone I can trust with my whole heart.

Thank you that she calls me out on the ways where I am insensitive

        and shows me how to be more loving and caring with those around me. 

Thank you for her patience and her steady love.

Bless her in the next year.

May she lay hold of all the  good things you have in store for the coming year.

I pray Lord that she will grow in confidence of your care and goodness

and give her a greater measure of your peace.




I pray that she will continue to grow in grace, love, faith and that you would give her more of your peace. 



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