Prayers for Veterans Day

A few miles north of me my Canadian friends observe Remembrance Day–a solemn day which honors those who have fallen in service to their country. Here in the United States, today is a day to honor the living soldiers who have served and on Memorial Day (in May) we honor our dead. However there is a certain bleed through with the two holidays. When we honor those scarred by war, we also acknowledge the reality of war, the wounds and the wounding, the death and dying. For all who have been touched by the ravages of war, Lord have mercy:

Almighty  and Living God,

    we rise with thanks for those whose sacrifice purchased our freedom,
      those who died in service of the nation, and those who have returned

        and have struggled to rebuild their lives.

Our hearts brim with gratitude and ache with sadness–

      We are grateful for all they’ve done
      We cry for all that they have suffered

Prince of Peace

    We pray for the wounds they carry–
      The horrors that haunt them,
      injuries, lost friends, PTSD.
    We cry out for your healing and full restoration
    of all whose souls are ravaged by war.

Spirit of Peace-

    provide rest for these weary souls
    and hasten the day when sword will be plowshares
    and Your Peace reigns on the earth.

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