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So January was a big month for book reviews here at Thoughts, Prayers & Songs. I reviewed twenty books and I’m all caught up on my reading for the moment.  I plan to slow my pace a little on the review postings and include some actual blog content. My prayer posts have become sporadic and I have spent less and less time reflecting on culture, the church and offering my own theological musings. And you have not heard much of my self-absorbed existential angst as of late. I promise in the month ahead you into my head a little more. Expect to see:

  • More prayers posts
  • More personal reflections (not just reviews).
  • I am in the process of re-engaging the hunt for a pastoral ministry position, so I will share what that looks like for me.
  • Lent is just around the corner and I will share my Lenten journey with you all.

And of course I will still be doing book reviews, though not at such a frenetic pace! Reviews slated (so far) for February include:

The Next Generation Leader by Andy Stanley (Waterbrook Multnomah)

Jesus the Messiah by Herbert Bateman IV, Darrell Bock & Gordon Johnston (Kregel Academic)

The Intentional Christian Community Handbook by David Janzen (Paraclete Press)

Drawn In: A Creative Process for Artists, Activists and Jesus Followers by Troy Bronsink (Paraclete Press)

American Civil Religion by Gary Laderman (Fortress Press)

Parenting in the Pew by Robbie Castleman (InterVarsity Press)

Good Mood, Bad Mood: Help and Hope For Depression and Bipolar Disorder by Charles Hodges, M.D. (Shepherd Press)

The Language of Blessing by Joseph Cavanaugh III (Tyndale Momentum)

Prayers of a Young Poet by Rainer Maria Rilke, translated by Mark S. Burrows (Paraclete Press)

Reading Between the Lines by Gene Edward Veith  (Crossway)

Soul Unfinished: Finding Happiness, Taking Risks & Trusting God as We Grow Older by Robert Atwell (Paraclete Press)

Jesus Is_____ by Judah Smith (Thomas Nelson)


If any of these books looks particularly interesting, comment below and I’ll be sure to message you when I post my review. As always I welcome comments and interaction. If there is any topic related to faith, theology and practice you’d like me to opine on, drop me a line. Happy reading!




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