Prayer for the 4th Week After Epiphany (Ordinary Time) AKA Super Bowl Sunday

Two competing liturgies are being enacted today. One involves athleticism, salty snacks, cheap beer and commercials. The other invites church members to God’s presence to worship him and to participate in the life of the Triune God. Alas I will participate in neither. My retail job means that this Sunday  I need to abandon all hope of watching the game or in joining God’s people for worship (I was asked to play and sing on my church’s worship team this week). Nevertheless I offer up this prayer, mindful of the tension of today.

Jesus today your people gather

to read and to pray and to praise.

They will hear your gospel read and

how you scandalized your people by

proclaiming that outsiders

have a place in the

heart of God.

They scoffed and picked up stones.

You were a prophet without honor.

Father, today people gather, not to read and pray

but to praise and celebrate victories

and to glut themselves on potato chips and


You are no stranger to feasting and fun

and the games men play.

Lord be with your people today

may they be filled with more joy

than chicken


and may your name be glorified


superbowl rings and

funny commercials.

In the midst of our distraction,

we long for You more than


We thank you that we don’t have to watch the Patriots and

pray for your justice.

Go Baltimore.


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I am a pastor, husband, father, instigator, pray-er, hoper, writer, trouble-maker, peacemaker, and friend. Who are you?

2 thoughts on “Prayer for the 4th Week After Epiphany (Ordinary Time) AKA Super Bowl Sunday”

  1. Love your prayer! There is also a prayer effort for those who partake in and those are victims of human trafficking in the vicinity of The Bowl. So – that’s something…

    1. Thanks Sara! Sex trafficking and public sporting events are disturbing phenomenon. I remember when I lived in Vancouver Canada during the winter Olympics there was a big push to legalize prostitution. Lord have mercy!

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