Beyond the Sticker Shock: a kids book review

When I opened up the David Sticker Book with my daughter she was initially disturbed. Here was a book where people, animals, and various objects weren’t properly colored (while the rest of the book was). I showed her the stickers at the back of the book intended to fill in the blanks in the story. For the next several minutes she was consumed by finding the right sticker for the right blank. Some were easy for her (people in the foreground objects, etc), but there were also butterflies and birds that blended into the background. All and all, completing the pictures was a fun experience. When we were done, we read the story of David which included his anointing, his fight with Goliath, his serenading of Saul and Saul trying to kill him. The book itself covers 1 Sam 16-19 but the last page reveals a glimpse of David as King.

The David Sticker Book by Karen Williamson, Illustrated by Amanda Enright

This book is listed as being for children “3 & up.” I did the stickers with my five year old. My three-year-old may have done it, my five year old was better at it (all the stickers are in the right place).  My three-year-old wasn’t too disturbed by the fact that I didn’t  read it for her. What I was more interested in was would either of them find this book interesting when the stickers were all placed? I think that Karen Williamson and Amanda Enright did a good job making the Biblical story accessible for children. However the novelty did wear off a little. When I was looking for this book to post my review I found it wedged underneath the couch.

However my three-year-old happily had me read it to her when I pulled it out.  I personally enjoyed this and loved how much my kids liked the stickers. What fun.

Thank you to Kregel Publications for providing me a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

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