Bible Stories Painting Book 2: a kid’s book review

As a kid I loved painting and activity books and was excited to share this book with my own children.  The Bible Stories Painting Book 2 provides 16 illustrations (8 pages front and back) from Bible stories with a short phrase at the bottom (indicating what story this comes from. The front and back cover are ‘paint palette pages’ which all you need is a wet brush to choose your colors. The book pages are perforated so you can remove them before painting.

This book is a fun activity for kids. I got this book primarily for my fabulous-four-year-old to use, which caused some jealousy from my sensational-six-year-old and my terrific-two-year old. Two is probably too young, but all my kids found this book interesting.

When it comes to “Bible books,” I always want to comment on how they help my children learn the story. This book is less about introducing stories, and Bible people to children, and more about reinforcing what they are learning (in a fun way). These images depict scenes from the Bible, but it is up to you to fill in the stories for your kids.

And mostly this is just a fun activity for kids which is (relatively) mess free. My daughter had a good time with these. I have only one small criticism. I loved that the pictures were perforated so they could paint and hang the images; however I wish the pictures were only one sided instead of two. My kids are of the age where they love to hang their ‘art work’ and painting the back picture later is a little difficult.

Besides that, I enjoyed my kids’ enjoyment of this book and think it is a worthwhile purchase.

Notice of material connection: I received this book from Kregel Publications in exchange for my honest review.

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