Call to Worship based on Genesis 37

For church this Sunday, I wore my Worship Leader hat. Our pastor just started a series on Joseph. It struck me that Joseph is the patron saint of anyone who has ever felt called and chosen and then wondered how, or if these dreams could ever come to pass. As a child Joseph was given dreams by God which signaled a special destiny for him, but then his brothers faked his death, sold him into slavery and for years things went from bad to worse for him. Yet underneath and behind it all, God was in control using even the missteps of others to accomplish His purposes. I wrote this call to worship which roughly follows the arc of the Joseph story.  Like him, we also have cause to pray, “How Long?” Like him, we also have reason to trust in the Lord:


L: We gather with thanksgiving for all You have given us.

P: We thank You for the gift of new life–the joy of our salvation–

and the dreams birthed by the Spirit of Your Kingdom life.

We are grateful for Your presence, Your guidance and Your love.

We press forward into our destiny in You.

L: But Lord, we also come as anxious, broken people. We are battered by circumstance and feel disconnected from others.

P: Our bodies ache, disease casts it shadow over our lives.  We’ve tasted betrayal from those who are close to us.

L: Our hearts are sick at hopes-deferred. We wonder when or if

these dreams will come to fruition. 

There are days when our only prayer is: How long, O Lord?

P: How long, O Lord, will you forget me forever?

L: Still We wait for You, the Living God.

All: Gather us together confident of your great faithfulness.

These dreams and visions  of the Kingdom, birthed  in us by the Spirit

are secure in You.

We walk by faith and not by sight.

Despite brokenness



And doubt.

L: We gather with thanksgiving for all that you have given. May we live secure in the knowledge that You will complete Your good work in us.

All: Amen

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