Learning Love Does: a curriculum review

I thought about calling Bob Goff.  When I first read Love Does I read Goff’s phone number at the back of the book. He invited his readers to call and discuss the ideas of the book. I felt inspiration and hope stri reading his book. I was (and am) stuck in a job I don’t want. I felt like God passed me by.  I feel called to pastoral ministry (with an M.Div and student-loan-debt to prove it), but have yet to find a ministry job. To pay the bills I work at my local hardware/feed store and as I carve living in a small border town in Washington for me and my family. I often wonder what is next. I occasionally feel like I ought to let the dream die and just get on with life. Goff’s book was a book which gave me courage to hope and reason to keep striving. So when I read the number I almost dialed but I figured I had people in my life that would do just as well. I didn’t want to be one of those guys that needed a celebrity (even a Christian one) to validate me. Instead I turned to a few close friends and shared what was stirring in me.

However when the opportunity to review a ciriculuum based on Bob’s book presented itself, I jumped at the chance. The Love Does Study Guide with DVD  helps readers discover the depth of God’s love. In the DVD presentations, Goff shares some of the stories readers of Love Does would be familiar with: running away with Randy his Young Life leader, getting fired from his second job, helping Ryan (a young guy walking in the neighborhood) have an epic wedding proposal, his son’s boat buying venture, and ‘two-bunk-John’ (the guy that hoodwinks Goff into sponsoring a orphanage in Africa). Each of the five sessions combine a short video of Goff (about 15 minutes) with a group discussion guide. There are interactive components to the group meetings (including internet research on various smartphones, Bible study, and various activities.

I enjoyed watching the DVD presentations. Goff’s enthusiasm in the videos is as contagious as his book. He is full of whimsy and wonder and joy. One of the reasons I enjoyed Goff’s book so much was his storytelling and that remains a central feature of the curriculum . I skimmed through the studies to see how usable the material is and I was impressed.  The Bible study and the ‘What Love Does This Week’ combine biblical insights with actional steps for living risky, joyful lives inspired by God’s love for us.

As I  previewed the material, I thought that this would be apt for youth and young adults. But other generations will also catch Bob’s infectious joy!  I think this would be a fun and worthwhile small group curriculum. Those looking for more in-depth doctrinal or biblical study may be disappointed with the material but I found there was enough here to pique my interest and help me hunger for a deeper experience of God. I think many groups would enjoy this and it works in concert with Love Does (the book).


I give this four stars: ★★★★.

Notice of material connection: I received this book and DVD from the publisher for the purposes of this review. I was not asked to write a positive review.


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