An Intimate Collision: a book review

Craig Lounsbrough is a pastor, a licensed professional counselor, and life coach. In these three capacities, he has walked alongside broken people. He has also encountered his own brokenness. In An Intimate Collision, Lounsbrough introduces us to the people he’s encountered and what they reveal to him. As he sees them, I mean really sees them, he also comes away with a deeper revelation of Christ.

An Intimate Collision blends together personal encounters, a counselor’s keen eye and insightful biblical exegesis. In these pages, Lounsbrough is caught off guard by his own daughter’s declaration of love when he feels so jaded and cynical around the holidays. This causes him to meditate on the meaning of the incarnation, and the way at Jesus enters our brokenness and ministers to us in the midst of life’s handicaps. As the chapters unfold we meet people like:

  • Dustin, a six boy with spinal bifida who has learned a daily lifestyle of ‘overcoming’ obstacles.
  • Darren a thirty-five year old man with the mind of a child who has a plastic fish, full of childlike wonder and faith.
  • Jonothan, an abused child who finally experiences freedom from fear.
  • Amy, a suicidal and abandoned young lady who is given life and restoration
  • Susan, a girl given to profound emotional outbursts which her family and pastor could not understand.
  • And more. . .

Each of Lounsbrough’s chapters intertwine his encounters with these people, with biblical explorations of Jesus and his response to people on the margins. The people that Lounsbrough profiles challenge his own prejudice and lack of faith. At times, I found some of his language paternalistic, and antiquated (like when he speaks of one person as ‘retarded’), but I think his overall project honors those he encounters. By listening to and telling the story of broken people, Lounsbrough sees more clearly the crucified one.

Lounsbrough is an insightful and interesting writer. I was not sure what to excpet of this book but felt very touched by it. Lounsbrough has a real gift with connecting Jesus to the struggles of life and sharing his stories through winsome prose. I give this book four stars: ★★★★

Notice of Material Connection: I received this book from the publisher or author via Speakeasy in exchange for my honest review.

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