Dominoes Deliver: a kids’ game review

Normally I review books related to theology, ministry or leadership. Occasionally I review a Children’s book. I think this may be the first ‘game’ I have reviewed: Bible Dominoes from Candle Books. Perhaps you see the dire need for such a game. There has never been a game so detrimental to the faith development of children as the godless game of dominoes.

I’m kidding. Dominoes are fun and a great way to practice numbers. So what, makes this ‘Bible Dominoes’ you may ask? A short paper booklet summarizing ten Bible stories with illustrations drawn from the Candle Bible for Toddlers. The dominoes themselves, which are board-book-quality-cardboard rather than wooden tiles, have pictures from the stories in the book. Each number on the domino is either a digit or a picture (i.e. three ladybugs for the number three) and color-coded-by-number. This allows for easy play with young children who are still learning their numbers.

My four-year-old boy enjoys playing this which means any sort of objective critique I have is totally blown. I offer this neat little syllogism: He likes it, I like him, therefore I like the game. Also since we have the children’s Bible this is based on and my kids have all read it, it is easy for them to connect with. I give it four stars and happily recommend this, though I am not prepared to offer a serious comparison with the godless dominoes.

Notice of material connection, I received this from Kregel Publications in exchange for my honest review.

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