Intersection: a DVD review

Rob Peabody and Chris Rodgers have put together a DVD curriculum designed to help. While Christians know they ought to share their faith with unbelievers we sometimes have a difficult time speaking in ways that are relevant to them. Why should non-Christians listen to the gospel? What about it is good news for them? Intersect follows the journey of five individuals who came to faith becaue their circumstances forced them to consider where their story and God’s story converged. The stories of each individual illuminates the way Christ meets individuals: Paul had to re-examine his expectations and priorities. Chris dreamed of a successful music career. James went through a heartbreaking divorce. Mike learned to trust God. Lucy looked toward spirituality to help her find fulfillment in life. Each persons story reveals a bridge point to sharing the gospel.The short stories are followed by a nooma-esque sermon delivered by Peabody or Rodgers (somewhere outdoors with beautiful scenery).

The DVD comes with a short booklet with a discussion guide and Bible study related to each presentation, so that this could be used in small group discussions. Generally I thought the production value was pretty good on these and I liked seeing glimpses of some real-people’s stories. I think this would be a useful video in small groups or even something to pull clips from for a larger group setting. I liked that the videos were short and the emphasis in the discussion guide was on digging into Bible passages. I give this three-and-a-half stars.

Notice of material connection I received this DVD via Litfuse Publicty in exchange for my honest review.

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