Beautiful Feet in Real Life: a book review

The denomination I’ve served as a pastor in, affirms women  as ‘called and gifted for ministry and mission.’  I know quite a few female pastors and am blessed by their perspectives, their  leadership, their insights, empathy and pastoral skill.  While there is increased openness to women in ministry within Evangelicalism, female evangelists seem much rarer than pastors. Yes Rebecca Manley Pippert wrote one of the best evangelism manuals around, but that was in the late 70s. Where are the women evangelists these days? 

9780830843206Enter Jessica Leep Fick. Fick lives in Cleveland and describes herself as a writer, speaker, dance party enthusiast. She is also an evangelist. In Beautiful Feet she explores the joy and challenges women face as they engage in the work of evangelism. Fick acknowledges that systemic and institutional problems  cause women to devalue their contribution to sharing good news (i.e. sexism, harsh complementarianism, etc.). She wants women to see they are fearfully and wonderfully made and their beautiful feet are capable of bringing good news to a world which can use some.

Beautiful Feet is chockful of stories about evangelism, from Fick and stories she tells from fellow evangelistas.  She talks about the challenges women face as they share their faith (i.e. disingenuous listeners that use evangelistic conversations as an opportunity to hit on you); yet in getting women to step out and share the gospel, women embody the good news of Jesus Christ in their context for those they encounter. Women have different opportunities and different doors open to talk about Jesus.

This book was written by a woman for women on how to share their faith. As a male reader, much of what Fick says applies to me, but I had to adjust the script a little (women do this all the time when they read male-centered books ). While I am not the intended audience, I am a sympathetic reader and enjoyed Fick’s stories and good humor. I recommend this book for women who are interested in sharing their faith. I give this five stars.

Note: I received this book from IVP in exchange for my honest review.

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