Blessed Are the Wait-ers!

And I am still waiting. . .

thoughts, prayers & songs:

Waiting is the thing we do between the things we wish we were doing. We
wait in traffic during our daily commute. We wait in supermarket lines and for an open parking space at the mall. We wait to be seated at our favorite restaurant.  We wait because we have to but we don’t like it. When we don’t have to warticle-2030643-0d95f21c00000578-81_634x378ait, we feel blessed. 

We are an instant society. We  (re)heat our food in two to four minutes. We have instant access to information via the internet, text friends,  share photos, skype family. We have smart phones with us at all times so we can instant message and instagram selfies of us eating instant ramen. We stream video, download books and music. All our favorite retailers have one day shipping. Wherever we can we eliminate waiting from our life.

On another level we hate waiting because we wonder if…

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I am a pastor, husband, father, instigator, pray-er, hoper, writer, trouble-maker, peacemaker, and friend. Who are you?

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