Job Interview frustrations.

So my job interview didn’t happen today because I was having Skype issues (for the position I am applying for, it is the only way they would interview me. So I am rescheduled for Tuesday, which the plus side is that I have until Tuesday to become a better man.

The upside of not getting my interview done and over with is that I discovered the issue is with my microphone. I get that taken care of and everything should work. Unfortunately that means going and buying a microphone to apply for a position I barely qualify for and am not likely to get.

Luckily my video is working, so I should be able to get by on my good looks.

Job Interview Friday

For those who read my blog and pray, I have a job interview at Logos Bible Software on Friday. I am applying for the Hebrew Lexicon Curator position. This would involve me reading closely reading the Hebrew Bible and making judgments to the appropriate sense in passages and grouping them and describing them accordingly. I am not sure who else is applying or if I am the best qualified for this type of position, but I am excited at the prospect. It would be a way to put my Hebrew into practice and get paid to read the Bible closely. In the end, I think a job like this would prepare me well for ministry when I do find myself in the pastorate somewhere. So pray for the mutual discernment of Logos and I. This is just a first interview, and for some reason they want to do a skype interview. I may not make it past this round, but am eager to know if this is where God is leading right now.

Looking for work in all the wrong places.

I want a job as a pastor. This is hard to get. Particularly when I see problems with how churches have done things. I don’t want to be an Emergent church-planter because by-in-large, these are reactionary white guys hating their mega church background (I’m sympathetic but not my issue). I care about justice and would love to pastor an urban church. However given this economy urban churches are not hiring, or I am not connected with their denomination, or I don’t have as much experience as other applicants. And still I feel called. Lord show me where you are leading, go before and prepare the way.

Logos for Catholics

The people at Libronix are always attentive to the people of various Christian traditions and denominations who use there product. If you are Catholic and use Logos, be sure to check out these products:
The Catholic Encyclopedia (17 Vols.)
Catena Aurea, by Thomas Aquinas (8 Vols.)
Catholic Spirituality Collection (12 Vols.)
Catholic Theology and Dogma Collection (8 Vols.)
Collected Works of John Henry Newman (31 Vols.)
Dogmatic Theology, by Joseph Pohle (12 Vols.)
Douay-Rheims Bible
G. K. Chesterton Collection (15 Vols.)
Lives of the Saints, by Alban Butler (12 Vols.)
The Major Works of Anselm of Canterbury (4 Vols.)
Patrologia Cursus Completus, Series Graeca, Part 1 (Vols. 1–18)
PBI New Testament Studies Collection (11 Vols.)
Summa Contra Gentiles, by Thomas Aquinas (4 Vols.)
Summa Theologica by Thomas Aquinas, English and Latin Bundle (30 Vols.)
Summa Theologica by Thomas Aquinas, English Only (22 Vols.)

And the Collegeville Catholic Library! Read more about it at the Logos blog

Meeting Marcus Borg Again For the First Time.

I’m finally reading a book by Marcus Borg (Meeting Jesus Again For the First Time). Being somewhat theologically conservative I never bothered before and so my knowledge of Borg was based upon the way people like N.T. Wright and Luke Timothy Johnson deal with what Borg writes. Now I have read him for myself and have actually quite enjoyed it.

Just because I enjoyed Borg doesn’t mean I am going to join the collective. There is a great deal that he says that I would object to (i.e. a strong distinction between the pre-Easter and post-Easter Jesus, his critical view of scripture, his relativizing of christological and Trinitarian formulas, etc.). But I have tried to read generously and I see some worthwhile insights. Here are some things that get me thinking:

1. The importance of compassion in the ministry of Jesus
2. Jesus critique of the purity system which developed in First Century Judaism.
3. The inclusiveness of Jesus ministry
4. The alternative vision of Jesus and its critique and reversal of conventional wisdom.
5. His exploration of other Christological images in the New Testament (especially Sophia of God and logos of God ).

Unfortunately the good is mixed with the bad in Borg and he takes things in directions I wouldn’t. But there is much that is challenging and even worshipful in this volume.