Prayer for Easter Week 5

Five Weeks since shouting

we declared Your rising:


He is Risen, He is Risen indeed!


We live in light of Your rising

and live resurrection-lives

and yet . . .


And yet death  clings to us.

We go through  our daily routines

and at night can’t recall where we saw

the Living One in our thoughts, words and actions.


We are anxious when pain,

sickness and disease

hurt the ones we love.


We are numb when we

consider wars, rumors of wars.

We confess these un-lively responses

and cry out:


Lord Have Mercy!



You are not the God of the Un-dead;

you are the God of the living!

Guide our steps as we seek to live

the abundant life You give  us.

Teach us to risk and  to respond

to the needs of those around us

and your Spirit’s guidance.


Help us to trust You.

Resurrected One, resurrect us!