Good News Lent: Baptism


It began with a baptism. Before Jesus’ forty-day fast—his wandering in the desert to be tempted by the devil—before he took the road to the Calvary, before even his earthly ministry, Jesus came from Galilee to be baptized by John in the Jordan river (Mark 1:9). Baptisms are always good news. They are a celebration of something new: a new birth, a new sense of belonging, a new work of God in the baptized. Jesus’ baptism is no exception. It inaugurated a new phase for the Incarnate Son. He no longer was biding his time until the preordained hour. With his baptism, something new began: Jesus came preaching the good news of the Kingdom of God.

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Prayers in Ordinary Time (week 15 after Pentecost)

I was privilaged this morning to attend the baptism of two women in our congregation and offer up this prayer of thanksgiving in response to baptism (theirs and my own). Baptism is sometimes called the rite of Christian Initiation and it celebrates the entry into new life in Christ (and death to our old way of life).  Sometimes we associate ‘new life’ with Easter, but this is an ‘ordinary time’ theme as we learn to walk in newness of life in all our life. 

Giver of Life!

To You we offer Thanks and Praise.

You knew us, before You fashioned us and You loved us anyway–

and lovingly You made us.

Thank You that in the waters of our Baptism we celebrate

    our renewal, our remaking, our entry into new life.

May we continue to remember our baptism,

living lives of praise knowing:

      All that was Death within us has died,
    And we are raised to New Life in You.

Glory to You Lord Christ,glory to You!