A Lenten Prayer from Iona

The following prayer is excerpted from Lent & Easter Readings from Iona. This prayer is offered as an affirmation for the third Sunday of Lent. It was written after a peaceful demonstration of Iona community members against the Faslane Trident nuclear submarine base.

We believe that God is present
in the darkness before dawn;
in the waiting and uncertainy
where fear and courage join hands,
conflict and caring link arms,
and the sun rises over barbed wire.
We believe in a with-us God
Who sits down in our midst
to share our humanity.
We affirm a faith
That takes us beyond the safe place
into action, into vulnerability.
and into the streets.
We commit ourselves to work for change
and put us on the line;
to bear responsibility, to take risks,
live powerfully and face humiliation;
to stand with those on the edge;
to chose life
and be used by the Spirit
for God’s new community of hope.