Prayers for Ordinary Time (4th Sunday after Pentecost)


The following prayer is my reflection on the lectionary texts from the daily office  for this morning which included psalms of  praise, frightened Israelites under God’s judgment for their grumbling, Jesus promising to bring a sword to the earth and the Church struggling to come to terms with what it means to include the Gentiles.  Trust and terror, enmity and inclusion. Each of these names a piece of our experience as we invite Christ into all of our lives.  May you grow in trust and hope as you walk with Jesus through this season.

Lord, we grumble in our wilderness–

our dwelling between swords and peace.

In You we trust, though we sometimes forget in the

face of the giants of the land.

We still strive for the good land,

knowing You are walking with us

and have done great things for us.


Because of You the sea–

the chaos that threatened our life–

became dry land and

we walked

through fire

pursuing your promise.


Let your face shine on us. . .

May your saving way be known among the nations

bringing us all to our knees before You.

Bless all those who trust in You.