Bad Weather Blues

We’ve been stuck inside most of this week because of bad weather (snow, ice, low temperatures) and we are all a little stir crazy. Iona has been nursing some second degree burns from the water cooler at church and yesterday Ember split her chin. So far no injuries for our youngest. I am heading out to a walk-in clinic with Ember because it doesn’t seem like it is clotting right (even though it is smallish).
Last time I went out with the family was Monday and we almost ended up in the ditch (like I said, bad weather). So it has really been one of those weeks.

Of course we also went out and enjoyed the snow, played and made snow angels, came home for some hot cocoa, watched videos and all those things you do when you are stuck enjoying each other’s company. So we are blessed.

Tonight I am volunteering for the first time at the emergency bad-weather shelter run by churches in Bellingham. Having done homeless ministry in the past, I look at shelters and churches that minister to the homeless with suspicion. There is just too much paternalism, too much de-humanizing of those they are trying to help that goes on and not enough sensitivity to certain dynamics. But I for one am glad that churches are working together to keep homeless people from freezing to death (night time temperatures have been around 10-15F). I can count my blessings in having a roof over my head, a wife with a job (my sugar momma) and three healthy (if injured children). Homeless people are people without a network of care, often estranged from family and friends. When hard times hit, they have nowhere to turn. Glad to stand in the gap, even if it means braving the roads in bad weather.

Homeless driscoll