Psalm 23 in the Key of C

One of the blogs I frequent, belongs to April Yamasaki. Recently she posted about a writing exercise that turns out to be a fun way to meditate on scripture. At a Christian writers’ event,  one of the participants  wrote his own paraphrase to Psalm 23, using the letter L. April followed suit, posting her paraphrase of the Psalm with the letter G as her muse.

She closed her post with this Writing Prompt:

Try your own version of this psalm, using the letter M and starting with the line “My Master is my Mentor.” Or choose a letter and opening line of your own. If you send me your creation, I’ll gladly include it in a follow-up article. If you’re a blogger, post it on your own site and leave a link in the comments below. Have fun, and may God work Psalm 23 more deeply into your soul.

I chose to use the letter C. Here is my version of the Psalm:


My Creator is caretaker and captain,

with him I crave nothing

At his command, I lay couched in clover,

he carries me to where calm currents run their course,

He cleanses and collects me—

my cowardly, crumbled soul.

He commends to me the correct course

’cause of his name.


 I clambered about on the cliffs and

found myself

in a canon, caught

by clouds,

and cold.

Yet I am not concerned, 

You are my Companion!

Clutching that club and cane You carry,

You comfort me.

You cater the consummate feast,

though contentious challengers convene to crush me.

You consecrate me: crowning my head with oil;

my cup overflows, a chalice chockful—

a cask in the cellar,

chilled and waiting.

I am certain your care and compassion will chase after me

until my life’s  conclusion.

I’ll crash at your castle


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Prayer for Easter 4

The Lectionary Text for today includes the Shepherd’s Psalm (Psalm 23).  I am singing and playing on the worship team at my church tonight and we’ll  be singing the House of God Forever by Jon Foreman (video below). Here is a prayer based on this season and the Psalm (the prayer is my own and you shouldn’t blame Jon Foreman for it).

Death’s Dark Valley–

If we doubted  that’s where we were,

this week’s events have shown us.

We mourn for those in Boston,

for West Texas,

for Syria and other war-torn places,

for the suffering of those we know and love.

We mourn and ask, “How long?”

We wonder where you are.


Resurrected Shepherd

lead us to quiet waters,

Bring us to green pastures,

restore us and make us whole.

May we know your presence with us

here in Death’s Dark Valley.

Guide our steps and keep us from wandering.

Prepare Your Table for us

though we are surrounded by enemies

We long to taste your goodness and mercy.

May we dwell in your house forever.